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Sridhar Dhanapalan is a problem solver at heart

He has a passion for using technology to empower people, organisations and societies around the globe

About Sridhar

Sridhar enjoys solving complex problems with innovative, multi-disciplinary solutions, working with people from different professional backgrounds and connecting the dots.

Having been a director of 6 organisations and a co-founder/founding-team member in 7 startups, he has professionally made a high impact in sectors including SMEs, startups, education, social enterprise, not-for-profits and government.

He has a passion for empowering people, organisations and society and has led development behind several world-first solutions.

With a reputation for solving complex problems with multi-disciplinary teams and approaches, he is known for his leadership and entrepreneurial flair. This has created new business initiatives that have truly created an impact and made a difference globally.


In organisations such as Fossmart, Native Title Services Victoria and VISITS, Sridhar has empowered organisations to thrive in changing regulatory and economic environments through new practice management systems and business practices. He has also led organisations through the development of new products to enter new markets as well as established practices to provide new managed services.


Sridhar has provided strategic direction and oversight in startups and not-for-profits such as Activity Central, Unleash Kids and OLPC enabling them to be more agile and competitive. He has experience establishing and leading teams as well as rolling out technologies used by millions of children worldwide and winning multi-million dollar government grants.



In organisations including URSYS, Solutions First and BizCubed, Sridhar has designed, built and managed business networks as well as create and implement policies and systems to streamline technical support activities to improve reliability and productivity both internally and externally.


Sridhar has worked at executive and senior leadership levels with experience building and leading teams in organisations including Western Sydney University, Fossmart and OLPC. He worked for Western Sydney University’s CIO to forge executive level relationships across the organisation and was a founding member of the Digital Strategy and Innovation unit. He has experience leading teams of subject matter and technical experts from around the globe delivering consistent and quality products, services and relationships.

Ventures and Projects


Co-Founder of CareerNexus, a unique talent acquisition platform that empowers both employer and candidate for better fit


Founder of Scalegy, Innovation and Technology consulting with a focus on strategic and business alignment
IT Management


Leader and keynote speaker in global open source projects and conferences. Held roles such as Director – Linux Australia and President – Sydney Linux Users Group
olpc, one laptop per child


We invented the first comprehensive children’s literacy experience for a hybrid laptop / tablet device and were rewarded with a $11.7m Federal Government grant


Sridhar gave talk in the main keynote room about our educational programme, in which he explains the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) mission and how they intend to achieve it.


Sridhar spoke at the on the OLPC mission in context of the ever changing landscape.


Sridhar has been a leader in international open source communities including Director of Linux Australia and President of Sydney Linux Users Group, as well as CTO for One Laptop Per Child with end-to-end technology responsibility across APAC.

Here you’ll find some of Sridhar’s featured articles, talks, publications and interviews.

Tipping point

Reading this KernelTrap article, I came across an interesting quote from Linus Torvalds: "Really early on when I was making Linux, one of the things I was really doing was reading Internet news from the university computer. I was dialing up to the university, I...

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Four legs good, two legs bad!

George Orwell's classic allegory, Animal Farm, presents many perspectives on human behaviour and society. One of these is how people can be led and manipulated through the control of information. In the story, the Seven Commandments formed a de facto constitution for...

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Optimus Prime lives!

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." — Optimus Prime This one throwaway line in the new Transformers film is in fact homage to the original Transformers series. As observant readers of this blog may have noticed, I am quite a fan of the...

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Manic May

Things have certainly been crazy as of late. Being elected onto the SLUG Committee (at the March AGM) has given me a greater appreciation of local community issues and of what it takes to co-ordinate a group. At the same time, managing the Linux Australia stand at...

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Happy Tamil New Year!

It's New Year's Day in the Tamil calendar, so happy new year! I didn't know about this until only a few days ago, and coincidentally I concluded my job yesterday. Also coincidentally, yesterday was Friday the 13th. So it looks like I might be at the mercy of two...

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What’s wrong with my script?

Are you receiving syntax errors when running a shell script on Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft)? If so, you might want to check what shell you are using. While testing scripts for the LCA A/V Team a few months ago, I discovered that the Ubuntu developers decided to symlink...

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Not afraid to ask the thought-provoking questions, Sridhar is inquisitive and experienced in unlocking the potential of SMEs, startups and not-for-profits.

Sridhar will bring his years of business, technical and personal experience to deliver strategy, process and capability to lead and drive your organisation forward.

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