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Sridhar DhanapalanSrid­har Dhanap­a­lan has over 15 years of exper­i­ence in har­ness­ing tech­no­logy to make a pos­it­ive dif­fer­ence to the lives of people who need it most.

As the first ever IT Rela­tion­ship Man­ager at the Uni­ver­sity of West­ern Sydney (renowned for its suc­cess with a mul­ti­cul­tural and low socio-​​economic stu­dent base) and report­ing to the CIO, he works at the stra­tegic (exec­ut­ive) level to pro­act­ively ensure that stu­dents, aca­dem­ics and research­ers have the resources that they need to excel.

As CTO at One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Aus­tralia, a not-​​for-​​profit, Srid­har was instru­mental in the cre­ation of the One Edu­ca­tion ini­ti­at­ive to build a hol­istic edu­ca­tion pro­gramme suit­able for under­priv­ileged chil­dren world­wide. Respons­ible for the tech­no­logy behind 1:1 laptops deploy­ments for young chil­dren liv­ing in harsh envir­on­ments, Srid­har inven­ted a typeface and key­board for early child­hood lit­er­acy. In col­lab­or­a­tion with edu­ca­tion and tech­no­logy experts from the MIT Media Lab in Boston, he was a driv­ing force behind the cre­ation of the first touch­screen OLPC laptop.

Srid­har has worked with a num­ber of young start-​​ups in the tech­no­logy and social enter­prise arenas. As a leader in the free and open source soft­ware com­munity, Srid­har has been a dir­ector of Linux Aus­tralia and pres­id­ent of the Sydney Linux Users Group (the second old­est Linux users group in the world). He has been a key­note and fea­tured speaker at a num­ber of inter­na­tional and national events.

With a major in the His­tory and Philo­sophy of Sci­ence and Tech­no­logy from the Uni­ver­sity of New South Wales, Srid­har is a firm believer in tech­no­logy that serves people, not the other way around. He is presently study­ing for a Mas­ter of Busi­ness in Inform­a­tion Tech­no­logy Man­age­ment (MBITM) degree at the Uni­ver­sity of Tech­no­logy, Sydney.

Srid­har grew up in coun­try Aus­tralia and cur­rently resides with his wife in Sydney. He can be found online at au​.linkedin​.com/​i​n​/​s​r​i​d​h​ard and con­tac­ted at srid­har (at) dhanap­a­lan (dot) com.


My blog is syn­dic­ated across a vari­ety of aggreg­at­ors across the Inter­net. I have also given many talks and inter­views.


I am currently:

Pre­vi­ous roles include Chief Tech­no­logy Officer at One Laptop per Child Aus­tralia and Oper­a­tions Lead at BizCubed.


Amongst a vari­ety of con­tri­bu­tions to the world of free and open source soft­ware, I have pre­vi­ously been a board mem­ber of Linux Aus­tralia and Pres­id­ent of the Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG). I am cur­rently very act­ive in the One Laptop per Child com­munity (OLPC wiki user page).

I have given present­a­tions at vari­ous events includ­ing linux​.conf​.au, OSDC, SLUG, Soft­ware Free­dom Day and Doc­u­ment Free­dom Day. I also have pro­fes­sional exper­i­ence in run­ning train­ing work­shops for groups large and small.

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E-​​mail: srid­har (at) dhanap­a­lan (dot) com

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