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Sridhar DhanapalanSridhar Dhanapalan has over 15 years of experience in harnessing technology to make a positive difference to the lives of people who need it most.

As the first ever IT Relationship Manager at the University of Western Sydney (renowned for its success with a multicultural and low socio-economic student base) and reporting to the CIO, he works at the strategic (executive) level to proactively ensure that students, academics and researchers have the resources that they need to excel.

As CTO at One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Australia, a not-for-profit, Sridhar was instrumental in the creation of the One Education initiative to build a holistic education programme suitable for underprivileged children worldwide. Responsible for the technology behind 1:1 laptops deployments for young children living in harsh environments, Sridhar invented a typeface and keyboard for early childhood literacy. In collaboration with education and technology experts from the MIT Media Lab in Boston, he was a driving force behind the creation of the first touchscreen OLPC laptop.

Sridhar has worked with a number of young start-ups in the technology and social enterprise arenas. As a leader in the free and open source software community, Sridhar has been a director of Linux Australia and president of the Sydney Linux Users Group (the second oldest Linux users group in the world). He has been a keynote and featured speaker at a number of international and national events.

With a major in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology from the University of New South Wales, Sridhar is a firm believer in technology that serves people, not the other way around. He is presently studying for a Master of Business in Information Technology Management (MBITM) degree at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Sridhar grew up in country Australia and currently resides with his wife in Sydney. He can be found online at au.linkedin.com/in/sridhard and contacted at sridhar (at) dhanapalan (dot) com.


My blog is syndicated across a variety of aggregators across the Internet. I have also given many talks and interviews.


I am currently:

Previous roles include Chief Technology Officer at One Laptop per Child Australia and Operations Lead at BizCubed.


Amongst a variety of contributions to the world of free and open source software, I have previously been a board member of Linux Australia and President of the Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG). I am currently very active in the One Laptop per Child community (OLPC wiki user page).

I have given presentations at various events including linux.conf.au, OSDC, SLUG, Software Freedom Day and Document Freedom Day. I also have professional experience in running training workshops for groups large and small.

Here are some other efforts that I have been involved in:

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  • Refer to my Ubuntu wiki page for a précis of my contributions to free and open source software
  • My Launchpad page summarises my activities within the Ubuntu community
  • I am active in several other groups, including Ubuntu-Au

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E-mail: sridhar (at) dhanapalan (dot) com

XMPP (Jabber; Google Talk): sridhar (at) dhanapalan (dot) com

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